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Nov 01


Annnd again.
Spiderdog to the rescue!


Annnd again.

Spiderdog to the rescue!

Oct 31



Das versteh ja sogar ich!


Das versteh ja sogar ich!

Oct 08

World of Warcrack Ramblings.

Fellow ARMS warriors I ask you how did you start playing wow and what did you name you character and why???

I started playing wow when i had a broken leg for 1ish years and was unable to stand and cook for a living,  I named my toon after the asshole ferral cat that my ex GF took in from the streets of -lets just leave it at bloody hands- Manhattan.  There the meatbag called Justmeow was born.  

PVP champs unite,  i would like to ask you readers.  What side bitches more in battle grounds ally or horde?

vote now or forever QQ.

Is leveling too fucking boring for words,  even in small doses you can lvl a toon over the course of a year/months but really folks im NOT trying to suck shit for 80-85 lvls while my current toon is missing out on all that rad stuff out there.

DOES THIS ANNOY YOU? would you buy a toon and what experince did you get from it?? 

A column of the day on MULTI BOXXING.

For those of you who do not know MB is a software that enables you to run 2 or more toons with one key board using a key clonining to control all - so you know what is going on.   My observation is fun based… i mean is it really FUN to run two screens one eyeball on each so you can PWN warsong gulch w/ a shammy/rouge?  Or I know is it really RAD to annoy those in random Heroics to try and heal dps two preists and only to leave the tank and yourselves alive?  What i mean to say is this is really pushing the brainpower/funpower of the game and is like a game genie for those that dont want friends or cant get along w. a healer or tank/dps well enough that they have to play w/ them selves.  And arent we doing that anyway…   
It reminds me of this.


There is no I in TEAM but there is no I in FUCK YOU COACH!
From what I can gather from the headset WAY too close to the mouth breather guy on various youtube channels.
On the other side of the coin is a player that is just so done w/  any form of human contact apart from guildies.  Can become a party or rather Army of one.  This said army would need a very powerful computer and or multiple puters to get a decent gaming experience not to mention the extra cash needed for each toon and up to 80 bucks a mo. for 5 toons.  From what i can gather there are a some wares out there for sale from a few different folks one more userfriendly than the other.  But lets face it folks if youve gotten this far some macro’s and install issues wont stop you now. 


Whaaaats the deal w/ WoW players and broadcasting poor taste in music content?
How many blog rolls, youtube channels have you seen where its a mix of late 90’s rave/jockjamrave and Stained or Creed or whatever the psudo christian 14 yr old girl rawk have you seen from these mouth breathers… P.S.

Its the…
I mean really?! 

The top 5 win an exclusive mix from MEE!! named in the blog’s honor and sponsored by Scion- JUST CAUSE WE GAME DOESN’T MAKE US LAME!

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